Martin Lutz

Venice, Ca 

32 years old

Director / Producer


Los Angeles based film marker and producer Martin Lutz sits down to discuss his latest projects, the driving forces behind his production company iCreative and the inspiration 


FL Tell us about ICreative productions ...

ML I Creative Productions has been a journey I began about 5 years ago. It’s a creative production company that I created that has helped me grow artistically and professionally over the years. Now, I’m able to collaborate with many different, great creatives under the same roof.  It’s been a tool for me and the people I work with to organize and create.  We’ve done incredible projects and look forward to creating more. The latest project we have in the works is a really cool short film about a young samurai warrior who is haunted by her past in a very literal way. Her past is personified in a demon who she battles. We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from anime and manga, and really tried to stylistically and visually develop an aesthetic that speaks to the darkness in this young woman as she moves towards the light and love in her. 

We are very excited about it seeing it come to life.


FL What is the goal with icreative ? 

ML I would like I Creative to keep growing and continue to push boundaries in the content we create. The goal is to constantly “create”! 


FL What you made you want to be a filmmaker?

ML Since I was young I was always drawn to stories. Stories are how I’ve learned what I know today. My need for storytelling has shifted and evolved through the years in many different ways, but over these past five years I feel like I’ve truly found my method. Filmmaking and Directing have been a natural evolution in my journey and I’m at a place in life where I can merge everything that I’ve learned, and shape it into what I feel to be the most complete medium for creative expression.






FL What does Italy mean to you? 

ML Italy is the place I was born and the place I grew up.

It makes up a lot of aspects of my personality. The love for life, good food, history, culture, friendship, family are all aspects that I’ve learned from Italy and Italians.
I alway want to take the best out of everything and every moment, and this is what Italy is to me. Sometimes, (or most times!) also, the hand gestures.







FL How do you want to stand out from other directors ?

ML For me, it’s important to not rush and take the tiime to tell the stories that really matter to you. Not to be so involved in the rat race we are constantly pulled into so that you forget why we are doing what we are doing.


FL My aesthetic constantly evolves as I learn and find new things that inspire me.

ML I think the moment or the project that truly makes me stand out from other directors that have come before me will happen as a result of the right inspiration, at the right time. You have to embrace the learning curve!

FL Who inspires you? What inspires you? 

ML My dad has always been an inspiration to me in many ways.  He most certainly inspires everything I do on the visual and imagery side. 

Movies, books and music have inspired me throughout my journey, as well. In general,I try to be a sponge and absorb everything that is around me.  Places, people, food, art and everything that can help me solve creative problems.  It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why or what inspires a person at a certain time, so I just really try to remain open and aware of every new thing that I’m introduced to.  That’s really the fun part of it. 







FL What drives your creativity ?

ML Creativity is a primary need in my life, I can’t stop creating. It’s like eating, sleeping for me.  It’s hard to explain, but whenever I’m not directing or writing I’m painting, building, and really figuring out how to transform ideas into reality.  That is really what fuels me. It’s like food for me. Pasta, to be specific! 

FL When you wake up in the morning what’s the first thing you do ?

ML In the morning the first thing I do is give myself a couple of minutes to just be, to let whatever thoughts I wake up with sit for a second before going about my day. If necessary, write them down. Then coffee! 

FL How does what you wear affect your mood?


I get so much inspiration from movies and style icons, especially of the past, and so that is reflected in the way I dress. What I wear somehow makes me feel like a character in my own story.

FL When do you feel at your best ?

ML I feel at my best when I have the ocean, waves, sun. I feel at my best when I can help others, too. I feel at my best when others around me feel at their best.


FL Tell us about your dad and how his photography have influenced you.

ML Through my dad I’ve had the opportunity to be on photo sets since I was 6 years old.  By 10 I knew how to change film, work with light meters, and operate film cameras. I spent time with him in Milan in photo labs developing film and making selections for projects he was involved. These are some of my best memories, and skills that I learned were almost a sort of game in that it was purely for the fun, enjoyment of it, but these skills and memories continue to inspire and serve me today.









FL What about your sister who is an actress and your mother who is an artist as well?

ML Matilda, my sister, and I have had similar journeys. As she is my younger sister I always was more worried about inspiring and being a good role model to her, rather than taking inspiration from her. But as she grew to be an adult, a mama to my nephew and a successful actress I’ve been lucky to get back so much of that inspiration that I was trying to give. It is a beautiful proof that what you give in life comes back to you, and also how important family is.


FL What’s your next move artistically ?

ML As I grow and continue to direct commercials and short films, I’m hoping to shoot a feature film. It’s a work in progress.




Photography by Brandon Harman
Stylist Robert Gex
Make-up & Hair Drew Danvers





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