Max Robinson

Mar Vista, Ca 

26 years old

Industrial Designer / BBQ Enthusiasts 


If you’re Max Robinson the answer is absolutely. The San Clemente native, industrial designer and barbecue enthusiast is just getting started. The 26-year-old can be found constructing a beach wood bed frame while preparing his Traeger grill before a back-yard barbecue.  While living in the South and attending SCAD, Robinson studied Architecture and Industrial Design, with a lesson in slow-cooking from a Georgian OG. With access to all the tools he needed and a desire for too many things, Robinson had to learn to “build, cook and bullshit.” But he wouldn’t have it any other way. Here, he talks design, slow-cooking, travel and his classic, yet not-so-cohesive style. 




FL: When did you decide to become a chef for your friends?  

MR: I started cooking in college, I was living in the south while going to SCAD( Savannah College of Art and Design).  We would spend all our money on Miller High Life and had no money to eat out.


FL: When did you become fascinated with barbeque food?

MR: When in Georgia, I started to appreciate the art of slow cooking. Taking the whole day to do just one thing and cook.


FL:  As a man of many talents, can you tell us how you got started?

MR: I started by having access to all the tools I needed, and a desire for too many things. So I had to learn to build, cook and bullshit.


FL: Is there a chef you look up to or aspire to be one day? 




Theres a man named Andrew, he taught me the little I know. He ran an OG bbq called “Angels BBQ ” in Georgia. He’s as real as it gets.


FL:  At a young age of 26, what is your biggest accomplishment?

MR: Nothing yet.


FL: Lets talk furniture, do you mind sharing with us your favorite piece of furniture you have designed?

MR: The noah mills project was special and close to home. Noah has been a good friend for some time now and he really was fun to work with. He wanted everything we designed and built to stand the test of time and be built with the design language of his home in mind. We used a lot of traditional joinery methods to avoid exposed hardware and are very happy with how every piece turned out.




FL:  How many hours have you stayed up to smoke something on your Traeger grill?

MR: Usually its an 18 hour process with a lot of beer involved and a rotation  of buddies, its not the worst.


FL: Max you seem to be a man of many talents who is forever traveling the world, what is it you actually do?

MR: Great question, everyday I’m working on figuring out that too. But mostly within the design realm, always staying busy.


FL: Was design something you studied?

MR: I went to Savannah College of Art and Design where I studied Architecture and quickly moved over to Industrial Design.


FL: Looking back through your post on social and your website it looks like you make an assortment of things, if you didn’t have to design for others what would you spend most of your time making?

MR: I would spend more time on each project. I don’t think I’d change the assortment of work, I’d just love to have more time to learn, care and be more meticulous.


FL: Is cooking just a personal passion or do you have any plans to take it further?

MR: For now, it is just a passion and I use it as therapy.


FL: Is travel due to the job or is this something you do in your spare time?

MR: I think I like to write it all off as work, But I’m sure its an equal amount of me fucking off.  


FL: Your’re a jeans and tee shirt guy, your style is classic with hint of California coast, how to you tailor your wardrobe to keep up with your lifestyle?


Honestly, I wish I had a better answer. I’m a shit show, one day I’m in Carhartt, next day in a loafer. It’s far from cohesive.



FL: The years coming to an end, any travel plans or projects we should keep an eye out for?

MR: Hopefully some good times ahead in the mountains, thats about it.  




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